Fraser Valley Cider On The Move

Looking to add that wow factor to your next event? The Fraser Valley Cider Company is delighted to introduce you to our mobile horse box bar - the Roving Rooster!

Fully equipped with 4 draft taps and refrigeration we can serve not only our delicious farm crafted ciders but local beers, wine and refreshing cocktails created by our own mixologist.  Let us add that special sparkle to your wedding, backyard gathering or corporate event with our professional, friendly bartending service.

The Packages

Choose the right level of service for you and your guests.

The Bantam

$ 850
  • 2 hours of bar service
  • 1 certified bar tender
  • Suitable for up to 50 guests

The Ameraucana

$ 1100
  • 4 hours of bar service
  • 2 certified bar tender
  • 2 craft cocktails (your choice)
  • Suitable for up to 100 guests

The Orpington

$ 1450
  • 6 hours of bar service
  • 2 certified bar tender
  • 2 craft cocktails (your choice)
  • Suitable for up to 100 guests

Each package includes the following:

We will arrive 1 hour before your event to set up the bar and make sure everything is perfect and ready to go.  At the end of the night we will stay for an additional 1 hour to clean up and tidy our immediate area.
  • Bar essentials:we provide, ice, napkins, composable clear cups, basic garnish, and basic soda mixers.
  • Hydration station: We provide infused iced water for your guests to self serve
  • Cider service
  • Beer service
  • Wine service
  • Non-alcoholic beverage service
  • Compostable cups based on an average of 1 cup/person/hour
  • Travel time of up to 1 hr from Langley BC each way

What else do you need to know?

  • Extra guests can be added at a charge of $5 per guest to cover cups and bar essentials.  At a certain point an extra bartender may be required to keep the level service up to standard.  Additional charges will apply.
  • A gratuity will be added to your final package
  • We include cleaning of our immediate area only – if you need us to buss guest tables additional staff or charges will be required.
  • Liquor licenses where necessary will be obtained by the host – we can help!
  • Last call for Roving Rooster staff is midnight (after that we turn into a pumpkin!).
  • Due to high demand on Friday and Saturday nights a minimum fee of $1100 will be applied.


No, alcohol is provided by the host, we are a bartending service only.  We work with local craft breweries and distilleries and can co-ordinate your needs with them.  The good news is that you will receive special pricing on their products and of course our cider when you order through the Roving Rooster.  Having a professional bar tending service ensures that no alcohol is wasted and what isn’t poured on the night will be returned to you (keg deposits may be required).

Yes we can work with you to create a non-alcoholic cocktail which coupled with our selection of locally made craft sodas means that your non-drinking guests won’t feel left out of the party.

Yes, we can do that but additional charges may be applied.  Our pricing includes up to 1 hour travel time from our south Langley BC cidery.

If we are coming to a private residence a permit is not required but for any other venue you will have to obtain a Special Event Permit. More information can be found here.

You will need certain information from us so we’re happy to help and can talk you through the process.

We use sustainable composable clear plastic cups to serve our drinks which makes clean up a breeze and lessens the load on the planet.  If you’d prefer traditional glassware please reach out and we can prepare a quote for you.

Our Roving Rooster bar is fully self contained. If we can connect to an electrical supply that is great (we bring a 50ft extension cord with us). We also have our own generator if that is not available. We’ll need access to a dry level area for parking the bar and will need to be able to get in and out at the end of the night.

If you don’t see a package that is the perfect fit please reach out to discuss your specific needs. We’re happy to get creative!

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